Jaguar E Type

 Quite a few Jaguars come through the workshop these days and they are always a pleasure to work on. E Types are my personal favourite car and although they are very time consuming and fiddly cars to get right, when they are, they are just fantastic.                                                                                                                For some reason I have never properly documented any of the major E Type builds that I have done - maybe I'm just so engrossed in my work!  So to put things right I'll make this the E Type page for now with a collection of E Type stuff for you to drool over.



Ha ha, one of my favourite pictures.  Here's me around 10 years ago extracting the engine from my own E Type in my garage at home - quite a precarious operation doing it this way as anyone who has will confirm. A chance opportunity to buy the car - which I couldn't really afford - fulfilled a dream really.  Many days and every trick in the book to free the clutch failed though and the engine had to come out.  To be honest that kind of doomed progress on the car because shortly after Willow Triumph moved premises and I haven't had a minute since.  It's on the long list of things to do when I retire!  Please let it be before then........  


Here's a superb Series 2 Roadster which was given a thorough freshen up and detailing a couple of years ago.  Every bracket and piece of tinware was removed and powder coated, the engine bay was cleaned polished and painted and the whole thing was generally beautified. It was very very nice when finished and the owner sold it shortly after for a handsome sum, having said that, if he'd hung on to it, it would be worth almost double now - such are current E Type values. 


This is an imported Series 2 2+2 getting new engine frames. A local car which I had spotted abandoned outside a kwik fit style clutch centre.  I guessed that something had gone awry and contacted the owner who confirmed as much.  It was there to get the exhaust fixed and it wasn't hard to persuade him to let me take an educated look at it! What I discovered were the worst bodged E Type engine frames I've ever seen.  They are made from a special thin wall tubing which is brazed together (very advanced design in their day) and absolutely can not be welded. So the great chunks of angle iron were not OK then?!


And here with the new frames and lots of newly refurbished parts, all new nuts and bolts etc.  Wish he had let me paint the bulkhead though...   Actually these are two interesting pictures as E type engines are almost never photographed from the front - finding reference pictures can be really tricky.  This job was at the old workshop which had no lift, hence the odd technique of leaving the engine in place - I always figured out a way though!


An original unrestored UK RHD E Type, bit of a time warp really. This was taken off the road around 30 years ago for some minor repairs and a repaint and got no further. So with the small repairs done, and the usual mechanical servicing and overhaul that you would expect after a long term lay up - this will be a presentable E Type without breaking the bank account.


Here it is completed in early 2010. Actually, the rarest RHD version are these coupes. Great to drive with a lot of presence on the road. It's deceptive how much work goes into building one of these, in fact it took months to put together but was well worth it. This car gets some extra goodies every year, so progressively it has gained wider chrome wire wheels, fully polybushed suspension, E Type Fabs 5 speed gearbox, CMC sports seats, a superb Classic Fabs long tubular manifold with Rob Beere induction kit and huge E Type fabs 6 pot alloy front brakes and 4 pot rears with vented discs, and lots more nice bits. It's important to choose carefully before just bolting on every upgrade you can get.  By doing the modifications to this car gradually the improvement can be felt and quantified before moving on to the next step.  Needless to say this car is a blast to drive and it gets driven too.


Holy cow, they're just so good looking!  This is the most recent E through the workshops.  It came in as a scruffy, but all there, well travelled and well loved car but it just looked awful.  Hideously badly skinned doors, awful bonnet fit, awful interior and everywhere you looked were ugly bodges and incorrect parts. So after a good inspection the rear axle was rebuilt, decent door shells were reskinned and the bonnet trimmed to fit correctly, a hundred other cosmetic jobs completed and a nice repaint in Carmen Red. The interior had had a new headliner, centre console and seats but everything else was horrible, so all the vinyl was replaced and new carpets fitted.  After a lot of hard work the end result is a very gorgeous E Type which lives locally and is a joy to drive.