Other projects

 MG 1300

Always good to have some variety through the workshop. Nice little MG1300 is an example of a cheap but increasingly rare car which makes for a fun drive. Engines were 1275cc Midget spec so they go well. This one got a full check over, waxoyl and respray in Iris blue. A set of period Cosmic alloys were refurbished and finish it off perfectly.



Triumph Spitfire V8


A sneaky peek at my own little toy. The first one I converted to V8 power - pictures here are of the bonnet finally getting its E-type louvres let in, bump to cover the distributor cap and side vents. All finished in Mercedes Signal red. I know it's mine so I'm bias, but this car is just the best. If I wasn't so busy building cars for other people you'd never get me out of it! 


Riley RME


This 1950's Riley RME has been in a local lock up since around 1975. I'm always up for a challenge and the owner assured me it wasn't too bad when it drove in. That was before I found out how long it had been in there! It is very, very rotten - even the chassis which are renowned for being very strong. So Winter 2010 has seen the body removed and the chassis repaired / painted. As I write there are 3 large boxes of parts just arrived to complete the chassis mechanics.


Lots of awkward chassis repairs and all new body mounts have been fabricated and buckets of dirt and rust scale removed before anti rust priming and painting with chassis black.  Amazingly we had the engine running sweetly on the first day in the workshop. The rest of it is going to take a while - it's wood framed too you know.......aaargh.

Update.  This one never made it unfortunately.  After all the work required to rescue the chassis and engine, the owner's optimistic budget proved just too tight and it went back to the same garage it came from.  A shame, but it just goes to show that restoring a car with a low finished value can often be unrealistic. It has to be said that a very unhelpful and 'closed shop' owners club made the work that was done particularly difficult.  Can you believe the club would not sell me any parts, I would have to be a member before they would even send a price list!  Madness - do they want to save these cars or not?