Triumph TR4

 One of the major projects for Winter '09 - Spring '10 was this US spec TR4.  'Great' I thought - 'no rust'. How wrong I was.  20 years in the UK meant this one was as bad as usual with some horrible bodges thrown in.  New floors, sills, battery shelf, front and rear valances, wing mounting flanges etc etc + most of the panels were like tea bags. Most of the new repair panels needed cutting into several pieces before they would fit satisfactorily.


Repairs underway. This car was to remain LHD which at least meant all the original parts could be re-used. Of course half of them were missing anyway - ho hum. There was a tight deadline on this project which added a bit of pressure - I think our quickest completion yet.


Most of the repairs were done on the chassis which was in excellent condition. It's the best jig for the body so you can build it up with good gaps etc. Accident damage to front and rear was straightened with both valances removed. The finished tub then went for blasting and etching.


So after weeks of welding (keeps me warm though in a sub zero winter workshop) the finished tub is fitted to the now complete chassis. Somehow I missed photographing the chassis - it's black and shiny with lots of new bits. Now the body gets all the panels fitted and repaired. All the original wings etc were re-used, new ones are too expensive and couldn't be guaranteed to fit any better. Rear valance was a nightmare and was cut into 5 separate sections before it fitted well enough - disgraceful for a very expensive panel.


Woohoo! Body off and stoneguarded,seam sealed and painted Triumph Signal Red. And the sun is shining! - home straight now.  Shot of the rear shows two missing items which nearly scuppered the job. Chromers wanted 3 months to do the rear bumper, and the spare wheel cover was out of production. Fortunately the chromers had a cancellation and I made the wheel cover so all was well.


It's gorgeous! Red tyre bands are owners choice - they suit the car and really grow on you. LHD feels awkward to me but this car is so tight and responsive it is a dream to drive and you forget it after a few miles.


Spotless engine bay with hot engine. A good TR 4 cylinder is a fantastic engine, this one is bigger capacity with all the internal mods you'd expect finished off with a pair of hungry Webers. It flies - and the torque is immense. Point to point it is easily a match for a standard TR5.  Retrimmed interior with newly built seats of the correct type is very comfy.

Did we meet the deadline - well yes but fuel delivery issues meant the car was unreliable at first so kind of spoiled the plans. A new aluminium fuel tank sorted things in the end. I put a couple of hundred blissful  miles on it during testing - what a car.